Do you think you know everything about christmas and Eir, then call your friends and join the kEirstquiz on the 17th of December from 19h30 till 21h00. You can create groups of 4 to 6 people. Subscription is necessay to receive the discord link on the day of the kEirstquiz!

Lunch Lecture Adimec

On the 11th of Febuary, MA Eir will host an online lecture from Adimec! Adimec develops and produces cameras and lens assemblies that deliver true accurate images – the exact information in the scene – for precise decision making in time critical processes. By offering modifications and customizations, Adimec cameras excel beyond general purpose products

Care & Cure Science Café

Subscribe now for the next edition of the Center for Care & Cure Technology (C3Te) bimonthly Science Café. Due to the Corona situation the Care & Cure Science Café will be in the form of a webinar (participants will receive the MS Teams link on the day of the webinar). European Training Network on Electromagnetic

Care and Cure Innovation Lecture – by Ad Reniers and Huib Visser

Flux 1.02 Den Dolech 2, Eindhoven, Netherlands

          We have arranged for Ad Reniers and Huib Visser, two staff members from the Electromagnetics group of the EE department, to give a lecture about their Care & Cure projects that are happening at the university. This presentation will give you an indication of what kind of projects the university

Care & Cure Science Café

On the 28th of May, from 15:00 until 16:00, the next Care & Cure Science Café will be held! C3Te has invited Dr. Ana Sobota to talk about “Plasma and its applications in the medical field” Plasma is the 4th state of matter. Most of the known universe is in the plasma state, plasma is used

We want you!

We are looking for new board members!  Are you interested in connecting with lots of different companies, organizations, and interesting individuals in the medical technology sector? Do you want to get better at organizing events? Or are you just fascinated by finances? You can learn these skills, and so many more, by doing a board

5th GMM M.A. Eir

MS Teams

On Wednesday, the 22nd of September, our 5th General Members Meeting will take place. This GMM will be held online through MS Teams and will mainly cover the financials for the upcoming year. A link to this meeting, as well as extra information on the agenda and relevant documents, will be sent to those who

Eir Lunch – 19 October 2021

Flux floor 6

Are you interested in the 'Care & Cure' track? Have you heard of Eir? We are a master association that focuses on students interested in the area of 'Care & Cure’. We organize lunch lectures, excursions, and more with companies and institutions like Philips, Catherina Ziekenhuis, and Neways. If you are interested, we welcome you,


6th GMM + (de-)constitution drink M.A. Eir

Flux 0.150 Den Dolech 2, Eindhoven, Netherlands

On Tuesday, the 16th of November, our 6th General Members Meeting will take place. This GMM will start at 20.00 in Flux 0.150 (time and location have changed). We expect to be done with the GMM at around 21:00.  Unfortunately, due to the new Covid-19 regulations, the (de-)constitution of our new and old board with