Beneficiary Drink Q2 2019

All members are invited for a drink, where our beneficiaries will attend. They can tell you everything about the Care & Cure field, and their working experiences.

Join us!

3rd GMM


  1. Opening
  2. Vaststellen definitieve agenda
  3. Post In/Uit
  4. Mededelingen
  5. Goedkeuren notulen afgelopen ALV
  6. Afrekening en begroting 2018/2019 + 2019/2020
  7. Verkiezing Bestuur
  8. Decharge Jasper en Rowanne + Installatie nieuw Bestuur
  9. W.v.t.t.k.
  10. Rondvraag
  11. Sluiting

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Demcon Pub Lecture 2019

We will organise a pub lecture on the 30th of September, provided by Demcon. This presentation is about their Medical Devices department. In this department they develop and realise medical systems for care, cure and selfcare. Applications are i.e. in  surgery, therapy and diagnostics. Examples are a operation system for eye surgery, a handscanner for rheumatoid arthritis, a breath module and a hearing aid. The presentation will be given by a former Thor board member Tom Geelen. They will tell you all the ins-and-outs about Demcon Medical Robotics.