Symposium: Save the date

Stop what you’re doing and open up your agenda. Eir, gladly, announces their first symposium on “NeuroStimulating The Future” on the 24th of April 2019. Right now, we are contacting speakers from all over Europe to invite them to speak at this event. 

Surely, if you have any suggestions for speakers or interesting companies within this line of work, contact us at

Keep a close eye on our website for the list of confirmed speakers.



Lunchlecture: MR Coils 2018

MR Coils BV is a spinoff company of the University Medical Center Utrecht that can provide specialized and innovative Magnetic Resonance Coils for MRI systems. Since september 2009 the team has experience in building 7 Tesla MR coils for imaging and spectroscopy. With MR Coils BV this experience can be shared to other MR research groups by providing coils for a custom specific research on humans or animals.

In addition to custom specific RF coil designs, MR Coils BV has several products including multi transmit and multi nuclei coils, combined with a high density of receiver elements tuned for the human head, neck and breast.

To incorporate the latest state of the art RF coil technology in the designs, MR Coils BV is based on a close collaboration between the high field research group of the UMC Utrecht. Our development department started out located at the UMC Utrecht. Due to growth of the group we moved to a bigger location in Zaltbommel. Now we are situated in a beautiful 2000m2 work/ office space.

We developed the following spin off companies to support MR Coils: IE Components, MR Mechanics, MR Code, MR Installation & Testing, MR Production& Service and MR Focus.

When unsubscribing 48 hours prior to the lunch lecture, a fee of €5,- will be instated.

Beneficiary Drink 2018

All members are invited for a drink, where our beneficiaries will attend. They can tell you everything about the Care & Cure field, and their working experiences. 

Join us!

MIRA Institute UT – 11 Oktober 2018

We are going to the new medical centre of the UT at Enschede, Netherlands. Below you will find the program and information about the centre itself.

Departure @ 11:00

13:30 – Reception with coffee + short introduction about Technical Medical Centre
14:00 – Tour at Biomedical Signals & Systems (
14:45 – Tour at Surgical Robotics Lab (
15:30 – Tour at Biomedical Photonic Imaging (
16:00 – Tour at Magnetic Detection and Imaging (
16:30 – Closing drink

Costs for Non-Members: €3