Latest Past Events

Demcon Lunch Lecture – subscribe

We will organize a lunch lecture on the 23rd of March, provided by Demcon. This presentation is about their Medical Devices department. In this department, they develop and realise medical systems for care, cure and selfcare. Applications are i.e. in  surgery, therapy and diagnostics. Examples are a operation system for eye surgery, a handscanner for

Lunch lecture Sveta Zinger – subscribe

Colloquium Floor 6

On the 10th of January There will be an lunch lecture given by Sveta Zinger. She will give a lecture about her research in the medical field. There will be free lunch for people who subscribe for this lunch lecture. *Non-Eirmembers have to pay € 5 euro for the lunch


Members lunch – 16th of November

Let's gather once again to have lunch together. There will be sandwiches and drinks prepared for Eir members. We will see you there!!