Master Track Care & Cure

We hereby provide you information on the organization of the Care & Cure track, one of the three tracks of the master Electrical Engineering, and how you obtain your certificate in this special master’s (sub)track Care & Cure. In advance, more information can be found in the studyguide of this special track. For your information, you can click on the hyperlinks for more information.

First of all, in the general master’s organization there is a specific curriculum with the following elements/courses:

  1. 15 ECTS of core courses,
  2. 10 ECTS of specialization courses in the capacity group of your choice,
  3. 10 ECTS of professional development courses (of 2.5 ECTS each),
  4. 30 ECTS of elective courses (of which one can be an extension of your internship),
  5. 15 ECTS of internship,
  6. 40 ECTS of graduation.


Secondly, in order to receive your Care & Cure certificate, your choices are slightly narrowed down. Your choices need to be match the following prerequisites:

  1. The specialization and core courses need to be from a specific capacity group: SPS, EM and MsM.
  2. Next to the initial two specialization courses, an additional of two specialization courses need to be chosen from the three capacity groups. These extra 10 ECTS are essentially ‘subtracted’ from your 30 ECTS of elective courses.
  3. Graduation should be in the Care & Cure work area and your supervisor should be from one of the three capacity groups


Thirdly, in order to receive your Care & Cure subtrack certificate, you have to specialize in one of these four subtracks:

  • Neurology
  • Cardiology
  • Oncology
  • Perinatology

Every subtrack has a list of master courses from which you have to choose three (15 ECTS total). Again, with this, the number of electives narrows down to 5 ECTS.