Save the Date – Activities Q4


Save the date of the three upcoming activities of M.A. Eir!

  • On the 4th of May during the break (12h30 – 13h30), Neways will host a lunch lecture to tell you everything about their company.
  • On the 21st of May during the break (12h30 – 13h30), Ad Reniers and Huib Visser from the Electromagnetics group of the department of Electrical Engineering will tell you about their Care & Cure related projects in the university. This presentation will give you an indication of what kind of projects the university can offer e.g. for internships or graduation projects.
  • Finally, on the 28th of May in the afternoon, the next edition of the C3Te Care & Cure Science café will take place.

More information about the activities and opening of the subscriptions will follow soon!

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