EM C&C Colloquium

The coming EM colloquium will take place on Tuesday the 20th of June, from 12:00 to 13:00, in Flux 6.154. On this day, Prof.dr. Paul Boon, professor at Ghent University and working for Kempenhaeghe, and Elles Raaijmakers will give a presentation about the following subjects:

Prof.dr. Paul Boon
‘Neuromodulation for brain disorders, with a focus on epilepsy’

Elles Raaijmakers
‘Can we hack our brains using EM fields? A study to the direct influence of EM stimulation on single neurons’

Hopefully we will see you at the colloquium!

Symposium: Robots & Doctors Join Hands

This year’s edition of the symposium is about medical robots. The title of the symposium is “Robots & Doctors join hands” and during this symposium attendees will be informed about biomedical and technological innovations in the area of medical robots. Hope to see you all in the Blauwe Zaal, Auditorium TU/e at 6th of June 2017.

With pleasure we can now introduce some of the subjects which will be discussed at the symposium. One of the subjects which will pass during this symposium is medical robots as used nowadays. Also new innovations such as new micro-precision robots will be discussed. Another subject that will be discussed the operation room of the future, what will it look like?

Make sure you do not only register on our site, but buy a ticket at Protagoras as well!

Review: LasEirQuest

At 14:00 we went to LasEirQuest with a group of 6 students. Since the group was rather small (too bad!) we decided to do 2 free for all games. We cycled to Stratum to go to the game hall. The first thing to do was choosing a cool nickname. We were going hero style: IronMan, SpiderMan, Robs, Hulk, Thor and BatMan. After getting some instructions (do not run and no physical contact!), we started our first game. Since some people played LasEirQuest for the first time, they still needed to get acquainted with the game hall.

After 20 minutes the game stopped and we went to the bar to look at the scores. SpiderMan won the first round! We were really tired and decided to rest for a minute to gain some energy for the second round.

After some time we went back to the gaming area. The second round began. Everybody started running and shooting and it was just like playing COD or Battlefield. Depending on which you like better. When running and bumping into each other we started some close combat (striking the gun of your component to the ground and shoot him (or her) in the back). One of us even got hurt by bumping into a radiator, so real blood flowed.

Everyone’s score had improved the second time. We had a lot of fun this afternoon with 2 games of LasEirQuest in just 1,5 hours. Arrived back at Het Walhalla we got a free beer (AAA) from the Board (as we deserved).

If you guess the right order of scores by nickname you can win a free beer in Het Walhalla!!! (submissions to board@ma-eir.nl until June 2nd. Participants of the activity excluded.)


Now that the committee is up and running and the interested students have been reached, it is time for some member binding and what would be a better option than to play LasEirQuest! During the Thor Promo market, there was the option to play Eirhockey, but now it is time to bring out the big guns. So reserve 19 May 2017 in your agenda. For only 16 euro we can play two (maybe three) games of LasEirQuest!

Startup and SME event at TU/e campus

Are you prepared for the healthcare needs of tomorrow? Do you want to know how EIT Health can help you with your business? Then please attend the EIT Health Belgium – The Netherlands Startup and SME Event on the campus of Eindhoven University of Technology on Thursday 10 May! Please mark this date in your calendar!

During this event we will sketch the route from ideation phase to setting up a business by letting spin-off companies explain how they managed to become successful. But we will also share the hurdles you have to overcome during this path to success.

Our goal is to engage you and connect you to valuable other startups, SMEs and EIT Health partners. Throughout the event we will provide you with plenty networking opportunities! Expect to network with around 80 fellow innovative startups, SMEs and corporates from within and outside healthcare!

Click here to register for free!

13.30 Arrival & Registration with coffee
14.00 Welcome to the EIT Health Network by Menno Kok (Director EITH Health BE/NL)
14.05 Support by EIT Health for Education, Business Creation & Innovation in Healthcare by Menno Kok
14.30 Healthcare Innovation Challenges – From Ideation to Business
Body Molecular Monitoring – TU/e prof. Menno Prins
Microsure – Carmen van Vilsteren, CEO
Nemo Healthcare – Hans Brons, CEO
15.00 Healthcare Innovation Challenges – Overcoming Hurdles
NLC Healthcare Incubator (Building Healthcare Ventures), Bert-Arjan Millenaar
CrossCare (Speed up Innovation through validation via Living Labs), Marcel de Pender
MedValue (Radboud UMC), Sabine Mulders
15.30 Coffee Break
16.00 Startup pitches to be confirmed
17.00 Wrap-up, Menno Kok
17.30 Networking & Drinks
18.00 End of Program