Care and Cure Innovation Lecture – by Ad Reniers and Huib Visser


We have arranged for Ad Reniers and Huib Visser, two staff members from the Electromagnetics group of the EE department, to give a lecture about their Care & Cure projects that are happening at the university. This presentation will give you an indication of what kind of projects the university can offer for internships or graduation projects, but is also great to give more insight into the Care & Cure field in general!

The lecture will be held during the lunch break (12:30-13:30) on the 21st of May in Flux 1.02.  Besides that, the lecture will be streamed via MS Teams. Are you interested in this lecture, subscribe now!

Lunch Lecture Neways – Challenges to be solved in Medical Hardware Engineering

On the 4th of May during the break, from 12h30 until 13h30, Neways will host a lunch lecture to tell you everything about their company. The lecture will take place via MS Teams.

Neways Technologies solves customer challenges in a number of industry domains, specifically also in medical devices. They make available embedded systems designs to customers, thereby enabling their customers to deliver great value and innovative solutions to the market. Together with their customers they are striving for serving patients with the best healthcare.

In hardware engineering for embedded systems in medical applications several aspects are special compared to hardware engineering in general. There are a number of challenges to be solved besides the tasks that generic domain hardware engineering provides. The spectrum ranges from pure documentary work due to regulatory reasons to functional safety. After all, the main challenge one faces in medical hardware engineering is single fault condition safety, whereas the medical device shall remain single fault safe after the single fault condition.

By example those and several other typical medical domain challenges are shown and how these can be solved.
As a special example the so called CellVAS therapy device will serve.
This device enables treatment of e.g. autoimmune diseases by applying very low current of very specific frequency characteristic on the patients skin.

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Save the Date – Activities Q4


Save the date of the three upcoming activities of M.A. Eir!

  • On the 4th of May during the break (12h30 – 13h30), Neways will host a lunch lecture to tell you everything about their company.
  • On the 21st of May during the break (12h30 – 13h30), Ad Reniers and Huib Visser from the Electromagnetics group of the department of Electrical Engineering will tell you about their Care & Cure related projects in the university. This presentation will give you an indication of what kind of projects the university can offer e.g. for internships or graduation projects.
  • Finally, on the 28th of May in the afternoon, the next edition of the C3Te Care & Cure Science café will take place.

More information about the activities and opening of the subscriptions will follow soon!

Care & Cure Science Café

Subscribe now for the next edition of the Center for Care & Cure Technology (C3Te) bimonthly Science Café. Due to the Corona situation the Care & Cure Science Café will be in the form of a webinar (participants will receive the MS Teams link on the day of the webinar).

European Training Network on Electromagnetic Risks in Medical Technology (ETERNITY)

Anne Roc’h, Electrical Energy Systems (EES) group.

ETERNITY will create a long-lasting multidisciplinary, academic-industrial network for doctoral training, with leading European industries and academia, to achieve a breakthrough in the design of innovative medical equipment where the risk of EMI has been managed at its core: with wearables, with on-board platforms and with collaborative care systems for hospitals. ETERNITY is about including the risk management of EMI in the design of innovative, electronic medical equipment. This shift is both urgently needed and mandatory.

The key targets of ETERNITY are:

  • Scientific: to propose and master solutions to the scientific challenges of the inclusion of EMI risks into the electronic design of medical equipment (ranging from wearables with biosensors to complex systems of systems).
  • Training: to steer a dedicated group of young European pioneers towards leading positions in the highly innovative field of electronic designs for medical technology.
  • Industry-academia network: to build a direct international transfer path, involving people and technology, between leading European universities and industries across all sectors of the medical technology market.
  • Society: to enable safe and reliable medical equipment and innovation, in our modern environments: in medical institutions, at home and while being on the move.

Lunch Lecture Adimec

On the 11th of Febuary, MA Eir will host an online lecture from Adimec!

Adimec develops and produces cameras and lens assemblies that deliver true accurate images – the exact information in the scene – for precise decision making in time critical processes. By offering modifications and customizations, Adimec cameras excel beyond general purpose products to resolve specialized and unique imaging challenges.

Adimec designs, manufactures, and markets high performance industrial cameras for equipment manufacturers in:

  • Machine Vision
  • Healthcare
  • Global Security

Adimec’s Gentific™ cameras integrate into imaging systems for clinical diagnostics in hospitals and laboratories. Gentific™ cameras optimize diagnostic performance, support medical imaging equipment standards and improve customer competitiveness.

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